Silly dog

Published December 23, 2011 by Kate

We’re planning on heading to the major metropolis on the coast to visit relatives.  We’ll be staying at my Mom’s place, which is a very small apartment in one of the suburbs – this is not a problem, as it’s very cosy.   The problem is our silly dog – being that she’s a midsized largish dog – having her in the apartment with us, under foot and  needing walks on a leash, isn’t as relaxing as it sounds.

Enter into the scene  our wonderful neighbours who love us and our dog (we love them too).   Our silly dog is very happy to be spending the five days with these neighbours – their great-grand kids are visiting – so lots of activity in the house for the kids and our dog..   I’m not even sure our silly dog would notice that we’re not there with her.

Me:  Okay, ready to go visiting?  (I’ve put a supply of dog food into the car, the dog dishes, the leash and her blanket into the car)

Silly Dog:  Car Ride – my favourite thing!

Me:  (as I pull into the neighbours driveway – all of a 2 minute drive) Okay, you’re going to be a good dog – right?

Silly Dog:  (spotting the kids sledding on the hill)  Kids – my favourite thing!  Let me out of the car!!

Me:  (opens car door, gathers dog items and brings them into the house)  Bye, see you in a few days..

Silly Dog:   Gotta go and  play!!  yippee….


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