Published December 24, 2011 by Kate

Hey.. how difficult would it be to find average sized black buttons for a man’s coat?  Well, let me tell you, in our small town – very difficult.. our little town didn’t carry any, even in the only fabric store in town…   So.. flash forward to our bi-annual Chtristmas trip to visit relatives near the great metropolis by the coast..    Christmas eve day, when all the other insane people are running around doing their last minute Christmas gift shopping, my Mom, my Honey and I are driving around the city looking for appropriate buttons for this said coat..

Me:  Lets go to the Co op, its close, less traffic to deal with.

Mom:  No, they wouldn’t have buttons, they don’t have a fabric section any longer..

Me:  Okay, lets go the the major fabric store at the other end of the city…

The traffic sucks….  and we find out as we are driving into the parking lot for the major fabric store – ITS CLOSED!!

Mom:  Lets try the large thrift store.

The traffic sucks….  and after wandering through the store for an hour, no buttons, no coats with appropriate buttons that we could buy .. nothing..  just hoards of Christmas shoppers looking for that great bargain for Uncle Bob.

Me:  Lets go back to your place, this is crazy.. we’ll live without buttons until after Christmas.

Driving through the traffic, traffic sucks, impatient drivers not sharing in the joyous sprit of Christmas.

Honey:  Hey, lets stop at the Co op for chips and dip – its Christmas after all!

Me:  Fine, lets stop!

Me:  Lets go look for buttons – just in case..

Mom: (very adamant about this)  no, they don’t carry buttons!

Me:   (found the button rack) Let’s buy these!

Mom: Oh!

Honey:  (holds up two bags of chips and two containers of dip) Ready?

Buttons, chips and dip purchased –  all is right with the world!


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