We have three c…

Published June 25, 2012 by Kate

We have three crazy cats..

Crazy Cat #1 – she’s a black, sleek beauty and as only a black cat can be – aloof and regal, she considers herself the queen. Her purr is was defective – she came that way from the shelter we rescued her from. We figured it was because she had so many colds and general poor health – she has since recovered and now purrs quietly when perched on his chest, face to face.

Crazy Cat # 2 – she’s a short hair calico, has the loudest purr of the three. She is a short legged, little headed, football of a cat. She doesn’t self regulate her feeding, she feels she must eat whenever anyone goes near her food dish, hence the football shape… poor thing, I can relate.. Oh, and two of her toes are pink – she doesn’t like it when we point them out to people… so don’t’ mention it if you ever meet her. And, she’s afraid of people – she hides if ever we get visitors… My In-Laws were visiting for three days, she only appeared from her hiding spot, as they were getting ready to leave..  Smart Kitty…

Crazy Cat # 3 – we’ve talked about her before, an orange and while long haired beast. ‘ nuff said.

On Sunday morning, I got up to make coffee, and there is CC#2 sitting on top of the wood stove – right on top – on the warming shelf, looking at the brick wall that has a small two inch ledge about the same height as the warming shelf. She is looking at the shelf/wall as if there will be a portal opening soon, and she’s ready to go through… Nothing would discourage this cat… and she was very animated, she wanted to be up there. At least 10 times, I had words with this cat and yet she persisted on climbing up onto the warming shelf. My dear Honey  took to squirting her with the water bottle – even that didn’t work for long.

My honey and I had several  conversations that went something like this – What’s with your cat? Your cat, I don’t’ have a cat.. . No.. your cat – look at her, she’s going to go through the portal any moment now… and so the day went.

And later that same evening, CC#2 perched on the stove, my dear Honey decided he would remove everything off the ledge, so that it wouldn’t hit the floor at 3:00am when the CC#2 would eventually, inevitably, decide to be on the ledge. So, off goes the year old anniversary cards, the candles and candle holders, the matches for said candles and a few odds and ends… and there in the midst of it all is a wee mousie….a small beady eyed mousie..

So, the Honey and the cats chased it around a bit.. but no luck in catching it…  (I was sleeping already by this time)

This morning.. . the CC#2 and CC#1 were taking turns watching under the fridge, I suspect this is where the wee mousie will spend the day – under the fridge.. It has lots of dust bunnies to keep it company.

Just to let you know, CC#3 was busy looking out the window while all this was going on.. .What mousie? What’s a mousie?

I wonder if the wee mousie lost a dare with its friends… Three cats in this house, and even though they are a bit dim witted, they do have sharp claws..


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