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Friday’s Five – Things I say!

Published September 28, 2012 by Kate

 A challenge from my dearest friend H. – she asked me to come up with a list for Friday’s Five and I’ve partially failed  – this is what I’ve come up with…..

 It’s not rocket science!  This is context to me explaining anything to anyone!   See how easy this is, it’s not rocket science!   Somewhere in my little brain, I must think rocket science is the hardest thing ever!

 If you always do, what you’ve always done, you always get – what you always got!  – I think of this whenever I have to do something out of my comfort zone, or if I’m unhappy with a situation – instead of doing the same old thing, try something new, deal with the situation differently!  Works every time – even with Angry Birds.

 I’m not addicted!  (Okay, maybe I used to be a little addicted to Farmville and now just a little addicted to Angry Birds – but I could stop at any time)

 Honey!  As in Honey, could you carry the heavy box for me?  Honey, would you let the dog out? Honey, I love you!  Or when talking about my sweet husband – The honey and I are going camping this weekend!

 That’s only four!

 I think a lot of the things I say, aren’t said out loud, I only hear them in my head….  Things said in my head are usually directed at me, and are unkind and not worth repeating out loud.     

 And a lot of the things I say over and over again are directed at the pets – ‘get off the couch’ ‘get off the counter’  ‘come here’ ‘go away’ ‘sit’ ‘stay’ ‘good dog’ ‘bad dog’

 The one thing I do say is ‘I love you’  and you know it’s true! 

(you know who you are!!)