Guten Abend!

Published October 10, 2012 by Kate

Good Evening….. Guten Abend   – makes me laugh every time my friend C. says Guten Abend… and its not even Halloween yet…. 

I’m not at Table Six, I’m in the back office at the computer shop where my Honey works…  Its kinda dark and lonely here…  and even though I’m enjoying my Mocha, its not as good as sitting at Table 6 in the little cafe.  Maybe on Friday..

I’ve been on the surgery list for nearly two years – to have my galbladder removed – and that I’ve been on the list for nearly two years has been my fault entirely, I got called several times with a date – I couldn’t put it off any longer – as any of you know with gallbladder issues, enough is enough – as my dearest friend H. stated – ‘get that thing outta there’

To be honest, I think I’m looking forward to the recovery time more -Not the painful part, but the two weeks off work part – not that I don’t love my job, but to have the license to laze about, that’s golden!   Not to mention that the Crazy Cats and Silly dog are going to love having me around all day!!

I read a very cute and funny book recently – A Dogs Purpose – oh my, I laughed, I cried..   give it a read, its a lovely story.

I also read Emory’s Gift – another funny and lovable story… 

The Library – one of my favourite places, one down on the list from Table Six… 

until next time.. Hope you are having a beautiful day!


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