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Which way to go?

Published November 23, 2012 by Kate

A few weeks back, my Mom came to stay with us for a week – I was having my gallbladder removed – believe me, I tried to ignore the fact that it needed to come out – for two years, but finally the thing refused to be ignored, a surgery date came up, and bippity bop – the deed was done…. I just needed to rest and relax for a few days, all is good now…

But.. .while I was resting, my dear Mom took care of the household things – like dishes, laundry and letting the dog out occasionally.. On one early morning, while taking care of said dog,  my Mom heard a husband and wife goose family talking on the lake… One deep baritone voice kept saying … “North, North” and a higher toned voice would say “South, South” This argument kept on for quite a while – I’m hoping the wife goose won the argument, as winter is coming…

Thanks for being there Mom!!