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We have three c…

Published June 25, 2012 by Kate

We have three crazy cats..

Crazy Cat #1 – she’s a black, sleek beauty and as only a black cat can be – aloof and regal, she considers herself the queen. Her purr is was defective – she came that way from the shelter we rescued her from. We figured it was because she had so many colds and general poor health – she has since recovered and now purrs quietly when perched on his chest, face to face.

Crazy Cat # 2 – she’s a short hair calico, has the loudest purr of the three. She is a short legged, little headed, football of a cat. She doesn’t self regulate her feeding, she feels she must eat whenever anyone goes near her food dish, hence the football shape… poor thing, I can relate.. Oh, and two of her toes are pink – she doesn’t like it when we point them out to people… so don’t’ mention it if you ever meet her. And, she’s afraid of people – she hides if ever we get visitors… My In-Laws were visiting for three days, she only appeared from her hiding spot, as they were getting ready to leave..  Smart Kitty…

Crazy Cat # 3 – we’ve talked about her before, an orange and while long haired beast. ‘ nuff said.

On Sunday morning, I got up to make coffee, and there is CC#2 sitting on top of the wood stove – right on top – on the warming shelf, looking at the brick wall that has a small two inch ledge about the same height as the warming shelf. She is looking at the shelf/wall as if there will be a portal opening soon, and she’s ready to go through… Nothing would discourage this cat… and she was very animated, she wanted to be up there. At least 10 times, I had words with this cat and yet she persisted on climbing up onto the warming shelf. My dear Honey  took to squirting her with the water bottle – even that didn’t work for long.

My honey and I had several  conversations that went something like this – What’s with your cat? Your cat, I don’t’ have a cat.. . No.. your cat – look at her, she’s going to go through the portal any moment now… and so the day went.

And later that same evening, CC#2 perched on the stove, my dear Honey decided he would remove everything off the ledge, so that it wouldn’t hit the floor at 3:00am when the CC#2 would eventually, inevitably, decide to be on the ledge. So, off goes the year old anniversary cards, the candles and candle holders, the matches for said candles and a few odds and ends… and there in the midst of it all is a wee mousie….a small beady eyed mousie..

So, the Honey and the cats chased it around a bit.. but no luck in catching it…  (I was sleeping already by this time)

This morning.. . the CC#2 and CC#1 were taking turns watching under the fridge, I suspect this is where the wee mousie will spend the day – under the fridge.. It has lots of dust bunnies to keep it company.

Just to let you know, CC#3 was busy looking out the window while all this was going on.. .What mousie? What’s a mousie?

I wonder if the wee mousie lost a dare with its friends… Three cats in this house, and even though they are a bit dim witted, they do have sharp claws..


Silly dog

Published December 23, 2011 by Kate

We’re planning on heading to the major metropolis on the coast to visit relatives.  We’ll be staying at my Mom’s place, which is a very small apartment in one of the suburbs – this is not a problem, as it’s very cosy.   The problem is our silly dog – being that she’s a midsized largish dog – having her in the apartment with us, under foot and  needing walks on a leash, isn’t as relaxing as it sounds.

Enter into the scene  our wonderful neighbours who love us and our dog (we love them too).   Our silly dog is very happy to be spending the five days with these neighbours – their great-grand kids are visiting – so lots of activity in the house for the kids and our dog..   I’m not even sure our silly dog would notice that we’re not there with her.

Me:  Okay, ready to go visiting?  (I’ve put a supply of dog food into the car, the dog dishes, the leash and her blanket into the car)

Silly Dog:  Car Ride – my favourite thing!

Me:  (as I pull into the neighbours driveway – all of a 2 minute drive) Okay, you’re going to be a good dog – right?

Silly Dog:  (spotting the kids sledding on the hill)  Kids – my favourite thing!  Let me out of the car!!

Me:  (opens car door, gathers dog items and brings them into the house)  Bye, see you in a few days..

Silly Dog:   Gotta go and  play!!  yippee….


Published December 11, 2011 by Kate

Day 6

Me, at home, searching the fridge for something for dinner.

Silly Dog:  Hey hey, you’re finally home, you know what that means,  its time for my special treat.

Me:  wait a minute..  I’ll get our dinner started first.

Silly Dog:  Nope.. its my turn.. come on…. treat, treat, treat, treat.

go figure!

where have you been?

Published December 8, 2011 by Kate

Its time for me relax for the night, so I settle in with a good book, happy to read a few pages before falling asleep.

Crazy Cat 3:  Oh, there you are!  What ‘cha doing?

Me: Trying to read this book here.

CC#3:  Let me see (as she rubs the book with her head)

Me:  (Firmly) I’m trying to read here…  go away… (push)

CC#3:  No, no, let me see – is it about cats ?   Where are the pictures?

Me:  Hey.. move over!  (pushing at her a bit firmer now!)

CC#3:  don’t push…  you’re rude..    I was trying to read..

Me:  (sigh)

(now she’s climbed on to the book and she looks at me with her large green eyes)

Vet Visit 2

Published December 7, 2011 by Kate

So.. poor silly dog has a skin condition and needs anitbiotics for a bit.    I need to disguise the pill in a treat – so I roll up half a slice of bologna, smear on some peanut butter and put the pill right in the middle of it all, roll up the bologna and its ready to go.

Day 1

Me:  Silly Dog – I’m going to give you a special treat okay?

Silly Dog:  yup, right here, okay, sure, give it to me…

Me:  Hold on a minute, I have to prepare it first.

Silly Dog:  okay, I’m ready.. see how pretty I’m sitting

Me:  Here’s the first one

Silly Dog:  Chew, chew..  umm somethings crunchy in here…  (spitting it out)

Me:  Oh, come on.. you like peanut butter – its crunchy peanut butter (hoping she doesn’t inspect the treat too closely)

Silly Dog:  (Sniff) Oh, yeah, I do like peanut butter… (gulp – its gone)

Me:  Okay, here’s the second one

Silly Dog:  (gulp – no chewing at all – its gone)…  Got another?

Me:  Nope.. that’s all for now

Day 2

Me:  Silly Dog – I’m going to give you a special treat okay?

Silly Dog:  yup, right here, okay, sure, give it to me…

Me:  Here it is..

Silly Dog:  Chew, chew..  umm somethings not right… its crunchy …. oh wait.. yes.. peanut butter… yumm…  got another?

Me:  See, this is easy

Silly Dog:  yumm

19 more days of this to go….


Published December 6, 2011 by Kate

Yesterday, while in town with the dog for the vet visit, I had to park the car and run an errand.   Later that day, I received a facebook message from C.

C:  I just drove by your car, and saw Seri (silly dog) sitting in the drivers seat, it looks like she just parked the car!

Me:  Yes, she’s very talented.

Our Silly dog likes to confuse people, she thinks she’s very important if she is sitting in the drivers seat, waiting for her passenger to come back!

Vet visit

Published December 6, 2011 by Kate

Yesterday, I took the dog to the vet.. 

Silly Dog:  I’m really itchy, here, right here, under my back legs..  See I’m bald..

Me:  Wow – poor thing, let me put some soothing ointment on it.

Silly Dog:  No way..  I want to see a professional.

So, off we went, the long drive to town – it takes about 45 minutes to get to town from our place – the joys of living out in the middle of no-where..

Silly Dog:  Are we there yet?

Me:  Nope

Silly Dog:  Open the window, I need to feel the air!

Me: No way, its -10 outside, its too cold..

Silly Dog:  Please……

Me:  fine… 

The window got opened, and my Honey and I shivered all the way into town.  The things we do for our silly dog.